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WINTER IS COMING!: Seven Tips for Winter Home Maintenance

Winter is rough. It's especially difficult on your home. However, there are things you can do to protect your home and prepare it for winter to avoid costly problems in the dead of winter. Follow these tips to maintain the exterior of your home this winter.

Before the winter gets here, doing these things for the outside of your home will help you smoothly sail right into fall without any problems.

1. Maintain Those Gutters!

You want to make sure the gutters on your home are clear of debris. It gets especially bad after all the leaves fall from the trees, so make sure you wait until most of the leaves have fallen off. If you don't clean your gutters, then you'll likely end up with standing water and when that freezes it causes expansion. This wreaks havoc on everything from the lawn right down to the foundation of the house. So don't let this minor task slip through the cracks or you'll be dealing with even bigger cracks, possibly right in your home's foundation. Riser Home Services has a wonderful Gutter Cleaning Service!

Premier Gutter Covers might be a good investment so you can avoid the ladder.

2. Trim Your Trees and Branches Back

Anything that is too close to power lines you want to trim back, especially if it's a dead branch. You don't need trees falling on your lines during the winter and leaving you without power.

3. Make Your Walkway Safe

When winter gets here it's going to be hard enough to navigate slippery sidewalks without having to worry about the railing falling off or stepping in a large pot hole. If you mend these problems now, then you will save yourself a much larger repair in the future with much larger cracks and pot holes.

4. Inspect Your Roof

Make sure there are no worn places or holes. If you're in an area that gets a lot of snow, the last thing you want is a roof collapse. Making sure your roof is sturdy will help to prevent that from happening. Look for loose shingles, gaps in the flashing (area where the roof and siding meet), and damaged mortar around the chimney. Call a professional and get any problems repaired ASAP.

5. Inspect the Walls

Look for cracks or loose or crumbling mortar. Check the windowsills for cracks. These will only get worse if left untreated, so get it looked at as soon as possible.

6. Wash the Siding on Your House

Depending on what's on your house, repainting is a great way to protect the wood on your home. If you have siding on your house, then getting all of the muck and debris off the home will not only make it look beautiful, it is also good for the siding to be cleaned every so often.

Look at Riser Home Services Pressure Washing for your home it makes a big difference

7. Don't Forget the Lawn

Making sure the final cut is done and that you have added plenty of seed to prevent the grass from getting unhealthy will give you the nicest, greenest, thickest lawn in the neighborhood.

It is so important to do all of these things to your home before the start of winter. If you don't, then not only are you looking at potential high-cost repairs in the future - you also might be putting yourself at risk. So make sure your home is ready for another harsh winter by showing it the love it deserves.

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